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Latest news

07.04 Some recent publications

G.G. Amosov, S.N. Filippov. Spectral properties of reduced fermionic density operators and parity superselection rule. arXiv:1512.01828 [quant-ph]

S.N. Filippov, K.Yu. Magadov. Positive tensor products of qubit maps and 2-tensor-stable positive qubit maps. arXiv:1604.01716 [quant-ph]

31.12 Review of news for the year 2015

This web-page looks quite old fashioned, doesn't it?

You're right, it's getting older.

Here is the summary of 2015 news: my primary position is now in the Laboratory of quantum information theory at MIPT (at that web page you can find some recent activities related with my work), there were great conferences in Suzdal, Torun, and Lapland last year (the latter one should not be called conference, however!). Scientific work was spreaded, and now it is time to gather stones together. Teaching is all right, and I give a full course of Quantum mechanics as a lecturer in 2016.

You definitely have many questions, I hope to meet you in person to answer them.

22.10 New course of lectures "Quantum information channels"

Opening lecture will take place on Friday, Nov. 24, 2014, at 18:30 in lecture hall #115, Applied Mathematics Building MIPT.

Students of all years and faculties are welcome!

16.09 PPT-inducing, distillation-prohibiting, and entanglement-binding quantum channels

The new paper is avalable at arXiv:1409.4036 [quant-ph]


Entanglement degradation in open quantum systems is reviewed in the Choi-Jamiolkowski representation of linear maps. In addition to physical processes of entanglement dissociation and entanglement annihilation, we consider quantum dynamics transforming arbitrary input states into those that remain positive under partial transpose (PPT-inducing channels). Such evolutions form a convex subset of distillation-prohibiting channels. A relation between the above channels and entanglement-binding ones is clarified. An example of the distillation-prohibiting map Ф(х)Ф is given, where Ф is not entanglement binding.

20.07 RIA Novosti, Vesti 24, and MIPT press releases

RIA Novosti: Russian physicist invented a way to safely transmit quantum signals [in Russian]


Vesti 24: Teleportation may become real [in Russian]

MIPT: Quantum entanglement can now be saved while signal amplification [in Russian]

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