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Autumn conferences 2016

In autumn 2016 there were 2 fruitful conferences in my country:

59th MIPT Scientific conference, November 23-28, 2015, Moscow, Russia. My talk: Non-unitary maps and selective measurements in quantum tomography. Talks by students: (i) V.V. Frizen, S.N. Filippov, Two-qubit entangled states robust to amplitude damping noises, (ii) D.V. Kolobova, S.N. Filippov, Decomposition of non-unital qubit channels.

Ufa International Mathematical Conference, September 27-30, 2016, Ufa, Russia. My talk: Non-linear quantum dynamics induced by measurements. Talks by students: (i) I.A. Luchnikov, Dynamics of interacting spin chains in collisional model, (ii) K. Yu. Magadov, Entanglement-breaking fermionic quantum channels.

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