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Sergey FilippovLatest newsEntanglement sensitivity to signal attenuation and amplification

Entanglement sensitivity to signal attenuation and amplification

Recent paper written in collaboration with Mario Ziman is now available at arXiv:1405.1754 [quant-ph]


We analyze general laws of continuous-variable entanglement dynamics during the deterministic attenuation and amplification of the physical signal carrying the entanglement. These processes are inevitably accompanied by noises, so we find fundamental limitations on noise intensities that destroy entanglement of gaussian and non-gaussian input states. The phase-insensitive amplification Ф12x…xФN with the power gain ki>2 (3 dB), i=1,,N, is shown to destroy entanglement of any N-mode gaussian state even in the case of quantum limited performance. In contrast, we demonstrate non-gaussian states with the energy of a few photons such that their entanglement survives within a wide range of noises beyond quantum limited performance for any degree of attenuation or gain. We detect entanglement preservation properties of the channel Ф1xФ2, where each mode is deterministically attenuated or amplified. Gaussian states of high energy are shown to be robust to very asymmetric attenuations, whereas non-gaussian states are at an advantage in the case of symmetric attenuation and general amplification. If Ф12, the total noise should not exceed (k2+1)1/2/2 to guarantee entanglement preservation.

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