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 Sergey Filippov
Sergey FilippovLatest newsRecent research in the beginning of 2018

Recent research in the beginning of 2018

S. N. Filippov. Lower and upper bounds on nonunital qubit channel capacities. E-print arXiv:1802.00646 [quant-ph]

S. N. Filippov, K. V. Kuzhamuratova. Quantum informational properties of the Landau-Streater channel. E-print arXiv:1803.02572 [quant-ph]

S. N. Filippov, D. Chruscinski. Time deformations of master equations. E-print arXiv:1803.09980 [quant-ph]

S. N. Filippov, T. Heinosaari, L. Leppajarvi. Simulability of observables in general probabilistic theories. E-print arXiv:1803.11006 [quant-ph]

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