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MIPT Conference 2011

This autumn saw the 60th birthday of my Alma Mater and a Conference devoted to such an occasion also.

My contributions to the Conference include the following two talks:

Talk #1: Quantum dynamics of ordered moments of creation and annihilation photon operators within the star-product formalism <<abstract [pdf, 156kB, in Russian]>> <<presentation[pdf, 2.40MB, in Russian]>> 

Talk #2: Positive and completely positive maps in the problem of entanglement-breaking and entanglement-annihilating channels <<abstract [pdf, 150kB, in Russian]>> <<presentation [pdf, 1.72MB, in Russian]>> 

Talk #1 is based on three recent papers (see CV) with Prof. V.I. Man'ko and Talk #2 is based on the paper arXiv:1110.3757v1 [quant-ph] written in collaboration with Tomas Rybar and Dr. Mario Ziman




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